Don’t Leave Home Without It!

While the online world is full of cheap advice, I thought it best to check with our members and see what they always take with them when they head afield with their dogs.  Read and learn from our local experts!

Members Rolf Rogersand Bailey Petersendon’t leave home without a canine First Aid kit.

In addition, Pete Aplikowskicarries a “mini”, or a “Get me back to the truck” kit.

Pete carries “Vet tape, gauze, gauze tape, and scissors for barb wire lacerations, cut paw pads, puncture wounds.  I had all 3 on my recent trip.  The cheapest place to get vet tape is in the Equine section at a store like Fleet Farm.  It is about ¼ the cost of the branded stuff like “Coban” you find in the first aid section at a drug store/grocery, and comes in cool colors like blaze orange.”

Deneise Swansonin Big Fork, MN has experience with skunks.  Deneise says “carryDawn dishwashing detergent and an extra gallon of water for those skunk encounters in the field –  I know from experience that it works!!

Pete adds to that “5 Gallon bucket with an ice cream bucket, baking soda, DAWN, Hydrogen Peroxide.    This is the best de-skunk recipe I have found.  Mix the 3 ingredients together in the ice cream pail and slather on dog.  NO WATER-just this paste.  Rub in thoroughly with your hands and THEN rinse off dog.  5-gallon bucket can be used to scoop water out of a lake, pond, ditch, etc…Repeat as needed.”

But did you ever think of this?  Also from Pete Aplikowski:  “Since I travel with the 3 dogs in 1 large kennel, I also carry a collapsed plastic shell type crate kennel in case I need to isolate 1 dog due to skunk or injury.  When collapsed, it takes up very little space, and you can pack other items inside it-decoys, cooler, clothes, etc…  I know my 3-dog kennel set up is unique, but I think there are a lot of guys who do not use a kennel, and have the dog ride in the cab with them.  This is cute and fun until Pepe LePew shows up.  Having a crate along can make the ride home much more tolerable.”

Tammy Hillin Virginia and Bailey Petersenin Two Harbors both say to bring a good quality compass or GPS.

Bailey made a point to mention burr brushes.  “For every little seed my dog brings home, it could mean a plant with hundreds of seeds in my yard next year! I use a metal toothed comb, long-haired large sized furminator, and a long blade razor comb for the really bad ones. I have a Small Munsterlander and a Golden Retriever so we spend a looooong time brushing burrs.”

As a guy who hunts with Spinone, I concur!  While the wire coat attracts less than a soft coat, it still picks up plenty.  I find that a stripping knife does a great job of teasing out burrs.  Having a spray bottle of Cowboy Magic or Silk Mane and Tail Detangler is invaluable.

Bailey Petersenalso added the following:

Plenty of water for humans and dogs …. Trapping release kit – trapping season has begun!

Snacks …. E-collar …. Blaze Orange …. Hunting Licenses …. guns and proper shells

EYE WASH has been critical this year.  Dogs’ eyes are constantly filled with seeds

Towels – the dogs have yet to come back dry …. Spare pair of boots- the dogs aren’t the only ones who have yet to come back dry this season!

We all know that proper hydration is incredibly important.  Pete Aadds that he carries Pediatric Electrolyte. “This can save a dog that is overheated/dehydrated.  Had to use it on Monty during early season Sharptail in Montana 2 years ago when it was in the 80’s.”


From Dan Sundquist;“Depends on where you hunt, but a pair of side cutters for barbed wire are handy if a dog gets caught up in it. And eye wash for the dog. Maybe a flashlight for those evening hunts as well. “


Tony Hennenfrom Blaine says “Don’t leave home without a tow strap. I pulled a pickup out of a small drainage ditch this past weekend during South Dakota non-resident opener.”


My wife Erin Dunnmakes sure that I never leave home without the contact info for the local vets for wherever I’m going, preloaded into my phone.  Then I won’t have to spend time trying to do a google search in a remote area with poor coverage.


Finally, I’ll give the last word to Spencer Ingaldson:


1) Thermos of coffee!

2) cell phone

3) my dad’s old buck knife


I especially like the old buck knife. There are some things without which we just don’t feel complete.  Oh yeah, and one more thing; the dog.  Don’t forget your dog!