Event Details


NAVHDA Senior Judge Mark Whalen from Maryland will be coming to hold this exclusive One Day Training Event for the Minnesota Chapter.

A properly trained Retrieve is fundamental to a “Finished” Versatile Gun Dog and succeeding at the Utility Test.

Attendees will observe demonstrated techniques as well as get a chance to work with their own dog at various points in the class.  Dogs of all skill levels are welcome so a variety of things can be demonstrated.

**NOTE-This clinic is NOT for puppies under 16 months of age on day of Event unless they have completed their Natural Ability test.

What to bring:

  • Your Dog
  • Retrieving Items Such As:
    • Dummies, Bucks, Dowels, Plastic Pipe sections.
    • Dokken Dummies.
    • Dead Birds if you have any.
    • Weighted dumbell type dummies if you have them.
  • Kennel/Crate-your dog WILL need to be crated at times during the clinic. (Noisy dogs may need to be kept in your vehicle, so watch weather and plan accordingly)
  • Leads/leashes/collars
  • Your e-Collar & transmitter
  • A portable Chair
  • Notebook and pen/pencil

Pizza will be served for  lunch and refreshments (water & soft drinks) will be provided.  If you want something else, please plan accordingly.

A NO-Host Happy Hour  (your cost) will be held at a local establishment following the clinic.


Refund Policy:  NO REFUNDS after January 8th, 2020, unless all slots can be filled from a waiting list.

Questions?   Contact Clinic Coordinator & NAVHDA Judge Pete Aplikowski at 651-485-0055 or pete@soldbypete.com


Mark Whalen has been a member of the Potomac Chapter in Maryland since 1986. He has held various positions within the Potomac Chapter over the years, including Test Secretary, Membership Secretary, Vice President, and President. Mark became a NAVHDA Judge in 2003 and a Senior Judge in 2008. He is also a Clinic Leader and has judged at the Invitational level since 2009. In addition, Mark is currently the Program Manager for the NAVHDA
Apprentice Judge Program.