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To become a fully “finished” gun dog, a dog needs Obedience.   What is Obedience?    This is where a line can be drawn between a dog’s Natural Ability and inherent Cooperation, and what the dog must learn from his Handler/Trainer.  Cooperation comes from Nature, Genetics and Good Breeding.  Obedience comes from MAN.  Obedience is the actions and behaviors man shapes into a dog to “finish” the dog into a complete hunting companion and teammate.

This course will start out in a classroom setting to discuss why Heeling, Steadiness (Whoa) and Retrieving are important not only in a NAVHDA test environment, but practical for real world hunting situations.  We will then move to fields & ponds to demonstrate the different segments of the NAVHDA Utility Preparatory & Utility Tests.  Sign up below, please.

MN NAVHVDA July 30th Versatile Dog 201 Course & Utility Test Demonstrations

Kelley Land & Cattle Company-Hugo, MN