Event Details

*****Cancelled due to weather*****

COST: $10.00 per handler. (Pay at the event)

Quail will be available for purchase, expected cost $7.50 each. There will be an initial limit of 3 birds per dog.

Additional birds may be purchased after 10:30 a.m.
Please email your bird quantity to Mark Jacobs at bowstringbwana@hotmail.com by April 6th.

NOTE: One or two birds will be plenty for new dogs or handlers.

***Additionally, this year, Ed Erickson of Autumn Breeze Kennels, a breeder and professional hunting dog trainer from Isle MN, will be providing a young dog training seminar at 9:30.

Bring your pup and questions, the cost for this event will be $20.

The day will focus on NA/UPT/UT training. Water work may be available depending on temperature; experienced NAVHDA members will be on hand to assist participants. If you require a mentor to guide you through the various events, please contact Mark Jacobs on site. This is your day and we’re here to help you!

Please remember this is a “training day”, not a hunting day. There will be an open field to exercise your dog prior to your field work. So you can view your dog when it makes bird contact, Plant your birds at a reasonable distance.  This will help keep things moving along for all participants.

Bring lunch, check cord, shotgun, shells no larger than 7 shot, and a way to carry birds if you have one. An assistant gunner will be provided if you desire. Blaze orange will be required in the field!!

For more information, contact: Mark Jacobs at 651-260-8600 or bowstringbwana@hotmail.com