Event Details

This event finished on 18 July 2019

Scott Green and Mike Mathias will be handling the training at Major Ave. this year, the start day is Thursday April 18th and runs from 5:30 pm until sunset. Weekly training ends on July 18th.

The annual training fee, for Major Ave, remains unchanged at $80. This training will be limited to 25 members. To train with us you’ll need to have current membership in both MN-NAVHDA, and NAVHDA International.  Quail prices are expected to be $7.50 each.  Pigeon and ducks may also be available?  

Basic training tools, include a blaze orange hat and vest, check cord, pinch collar, and bumpers.  Hearing and eye protection is encouraged when shooting or around shooting. More advanced training can leverage additional equipment such as an e-collar, bird launchers, and backing silhouettes.

An email will be sent in February to 2018 Major Ave. handlers asking if they again intend to train. If you are new and would like to train with us in 2019, please contact by email.

Scott Green      scott.green@vallen.com      952 540 7686