With the record breaking temperatures and the snowfall in the twin cities these past few weeks, we hope everyone is staying warm and cozy inside with their family and four legged friends. We can’t wait to see everyone again at our spring training. In the meantime, here is some reading to help you pass the time.

Fable Fest

The Chapter would like to thank everyone for their donations and attendance at our annual Fable Fest, which occurred on February 2nd 2019 at Chomonix Golf Course. There was an abundance of food, fun and conversations. The most interesting chili was Snapping turtle chili over warm coconut rice, brought in from member Hunter Farrell. We were able to raise a little over $2,000 from the event. The money raised at our annual fable fest helps cover expenses, that make our chapter run smoothly. Without you as our members, we would not be where we are today.

NAVHDA International Meeting

This year, the NAVHDA International meeting was held here in Minneapolis, MN. with over 250 attendees and delegates from across the country. The three day event was packed with judges workshops and speakers such as Pheasants Forever CEO and President, Howard Vincent, Benjamin C. Jones, The Ruffed Grouse Society’s CEO and president, and A.J. DeRosa of the Northwoods collection. This meeting wasn’t all fun, delegates had to vote on motions brought forth from chapters. The motions and votes are as follows:

  1. Invitational Brace Lottery: NO
  2. “4” required in UT field search to earn a prize 1: NO
  3. Disclosure of NAVHDA Insurance Policy: NO
  4. Members receive window decal each year: NO
  5. Writing a new training book: NO

If you would like more information on the motions brought forth by chapters, please contact vicepresident@mnnavhda.org

Avoid Spam

The NAVHDA International Office was notified that several members have received a Go-Fund-Me email request. It came from info@navhda.us. 
This email did NOT originate from NAVHDA. DO NOT OPEN. any information and updates will come from our Chapter Secretary Peter Ness.

Future events

For new and current members. Please join us for our 2019 Training Seminar: Preparing for NAVHDA Testing. This event will be held at the Cabelas in Rogers, MN on March 16th from 10am-2pm. The cost is $20. This half-day seminar will help new or inexperienced handlers prepare for a NAVHDA test. If you are thinking about entering a level of testing you have never run before, or would just like information to help you feel more comfortable with NAVHDA testing, this will be of great benefit to you. The seminar will cover each test briefly, how to prepare for the test, handling tips, and some common handler errors. Participant’s questions will be welcomed.