Judges working to a consensus

The Minnesota chapter of NAVHDA’s 2018 training and testing season has ended with the completion of the Four Brooks NA test this past weekend. Our chapter tested a record 131 dogs in 16 days of testing in 2018.  We added extra days and locations for training and testing due to our large increase in membership this year, which now stands at a whopping 236 members.

Opening ceremonies at dawn, 2016

The highlight test of the year, of course, is the 2018 NAVHDA Invitational.

This year, seven MN NAVHDA members and their dogs have spent the summer in training for the 2018 NAVHDA Invitational taking place in Searsboro, Iowa this weekend.  To receive an invite to the Invitational, a dog must have earned a Utility Prize 1 score in the year immediately preceding.  The seven Minnesota Chapter

Doug Lodermeier and Scott Wass, 2016
Getting instructions

members who are traveling to Iowa to run their dogs in this year’s 2018 NAVHDA Invitational are:

* Joe Mix and GR  Suomi (Friday)

* Frank Smolke with GR Gemma (Friday)

* David Wolf and his GR Millie (Friday)

* Nick Burg with GS Jade (Saturday)

* Tammy and Howie Hill with GS Tug (Saturday)

* Scott Kossan and his PP Eddy (Sunday)

* Ed Challacombe with DD Oliver (Sunday)

Our MN Chapter members and families wish these handlers and dogs a great day and best of luck testing!  We will be anxiously

Cooling in the field

awaiting word on their Invitational test scores.  You can also follow the test scores daily on the NAVHDA International Invitational webpage.


A good day is done

The title of Versatile Champion is the highest achievement in the NAVHDA testing system, and the gold standard for the testing of working gun dogs. We are proud to have you all representing our MN Chapter at this year’s invitational!