Versatile dog training works best when small groups of like minded people with similar training goals can help each other with their training, and Minnesota NAVHDA  encourages members to form their own small training groups.  We have members that meet regularly at several different grounds locations starting as soon as the snow melts in the spring.

The chapter can be a resource for general training philosophies and supplying birds, equipment, and access to grounds, but due to the size of our membership, we cannot give every member the attention they may need at our scheduled primary training clinics or events.

Our larger primary training clinics will focus on general principles that members can build off of and formulate their own training strategies and make connections with other members with similar goals.  Volunteering at our primary testing and training events is also a great way to meet other members.

If you need help meeting people and getting into a small training group please complete the following information and hit submit.  This will assist our Director of Training in steering you to the right small group.   You must be a NAVHDA Invitational member and a Chapter member to attend our primary training clinics and be in any chapter coordinated small group.  Non members who want to check out Minnesota NAVHDA might consider attending these events.

Minnesota NAVHDA Training Questionnaire