2018 Minnesota Test Fees:

Natural Ability: $120 -Utility Preparatory & Utility: $150

Send check and entry forms to the test secretary.  See individual events below for full details & contact info

The latest Test Entry Forms, AIMS Test Rules and more info can be found at Navhda Forms Express

  • There are no Testing Events scheduled at this time-Please check Back Soon!.

Safety Policy

NAVHDA Testing Overview

NAVHDA Youth Testing Incentive Program  (75% test fee refund for youth Handlers 18 and under)

Test entry fees will only be refunded for medical reasons. 100% of the test entry fee will be refunded if a request is submitted, in writing, to the Test Secretary, accompanied by a verifying letter from a physician or veterinarian stating that the handler or dog should not participate in the test for medical reasons. Under no other circumstances will any refunds be made.