2019 Minnesota Test Fees:

Natural Ability: $135 -Utility Preparatory & Utility: $165

Send check and entry forms to the test secretary.  See individual events below for full details & contact info

The latest Test Entry Forms, AIMS Test Rules and more info can be found at Navhda Forms Express

Watch the NAVHDA video about the Natural Ability Test

Safety Policy

NAVHDA Testing Overview

NAVHDA Youth Testing Incentive Program  (75% test fee refund for youth Handlers 18 and under)

Test entry fees will only be refunded for medical reasons. 100% of the test entry fee will be refunded if a request is submitted, in writing, to the Test Secretary, accompanied by a verifying letter from a physician or veterinarian stating that the handler or dog should not participate in the test for medical reasons. Under no other circumstances will any refunds be made.