Welcome to the Minnesota Chapter, one of the largest and most active in all of NAVHDA. Please use this site as a gateway to the many resources we offer our members. Whether it be training help, testing opportunities, access to birds and grounds, or just plain old advice, you will be hard pressed to find a better local organization for versatile hunting dogs and their handlers.

If you are new to our Chapter please see JOIN MN NAVHDA.   Our upcoming events are on the Full Calendar or you can review specific events we have planned on our Training and Testing Pages.  For prospective new members, most of our events are a great opportunity to meet people, learn more about training or testing, and get to know other people in your area with versatile hunting dogs.  (Some of our events are for members only.)  We are an organization powered by our member volunteers and all members are encouraged to VOLUNTEER.

Wondering if NAVHDA is right for you and your dog?   Send questions and general inquiries to:  President@mnnavhda.org