There are TWO LEVELS of membership in NAVHDA

  1. NAVHDA International
    • Primary Chapter Members of Minnesota NAVHDA are required to be members of our parent organization, NAVHDA International.   Immediate family members of the Primary Member do not need their own NAVHDA International membership, unless they are going to enter a dog they OWN  (NAVHDA registered to them) in a NAVHDA test, or are going to HANDLE  a dog in a NAVHDA test.  There are reduced fees for spouse and youth NAVHDA International memberships. Please visit the NAVHDA International website for membership information. Once you’ve joined NAVHDA International and have your NAVHDA ID#, you can sign up for Minnesota Chapter membership. Already a NAVHDA member?   You can LOOKUP your NAVHDA # HERE, or it will also be on the mailing label of your NAVHDA VHD magazine issues.
  2. Chapter Membership
    • Minnesota Chapter Dues covers the primary Chapter member, spouse or significant other, and minor children under 18 in their immediate household.
    • Membership renewal is due on or before January 1st of each calendar year.  Renewed memberships for existing members in good standing after November 1st will apply to the following calendar year.  Renewed memberships received any other time will be valid for the remainder of the current calendar year.  Those not renewing by January 31st will be removed from the Chapter roster.  Dues for NEW members joining after August 31st will be good for the current and following calendar year.  All membership dues paid to MN NAVHDA are tax deductible.

What does it cost annually to be part of Minnesota NAVHDA?

NAVHDA International Membership $65.00
Minnesota Chapter Membership $50.00
Annual Grounds Passes $55-$100 varies by available locations
Test Fees (Only applicable if testing) $175.00-$225.00 per dog per test.
Specialty Clinics (AIMS/RULES, Invitational) $100-$200 (not held every year)
Bird Costs (Pigeons, Chukar, Pheasant, Duck) $10-$20 per bird during training season

Membership Questions?  send a message to

Ready to Join or Renew?    Complete the form and payment below.  PLEASE take time to proofread your data input.  The information you input is what we use for our published roster.  Accurate data entry is a big timesaver for our chapter secretary!