Minnesota Chapter Dues covers the Chapter member and immediate family.

Chapter Members of Minnesota NAVHDA are required to be members of our parent organization, NAVHDA International.   Immediate family members of the Chapter do not need their own NAVHDA International membership, unless they are going to enter a dog they OWN  (NAVHDA registered to them) in a NAVHDA test, or are going to HANDLE  a dog in a NAVHDA test.

Chapter Membership is not required to enter a Minnesota Chapter NAVHDA test.

Please visit the International NAVHDA website for information. Once you’ve joined NAVHDA International and have your NAVHDA ID#, you choose one of the following actions:


– Or –

Print and fill out our membership form and mail it to the address below, including a check for membership dues.

Peter Ness
1317 Dayton Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104