To bridge the gap from the no longer supported NAVHDA NETS system, and a new system that is not yet available from NAVHDA International, NAVHDA Judge and Minnesota Chapter President Pete Aplikowski has created a system that uses Microsoft Excel.  These need to be the downloadable versions not the cloud based Office 365 apps.    This system does not use Macros and is compatible with PC or MAC.  Chapters registered as non-profits may also want to inquire about obtaining free Office 365 suite software from Microsoft through this program.

**UPDATE** 3/14/2023-I am eliminating the mail merge process from MS Excel to MS Word, and everything will be able to be printed right from MS Excel.

What this system does:

  • Manages a “Bulk” Roster Sheet of all test entry data so you can assign days and then filter/sort and move to individual “Day/Group” Roster Sheets for final test day printing of materials.
  • Eliminates repetitive effort.  Once data is entered in the rosters, you can print all test day forms and scorecard labels without having to re-input data.
    • Avery 8395 “name badge” labels or equivalent to apply to scorecards.
    • NAVHDA Judge’s Test Report
    • NAVHDA Test Information Form
    • NAVHDA Apprentice Judge Evaluation Forms
    • (Optional) Test Day Information Flyer/Running Orders/Scoresheet handouts.  (These will require some manual input and set-up with your specific chapter information and logo if you choose to use it.
    •  (Optional)  NAVHDA Test Entry Forms.  For re-creating nice clean Test Entry Forms without having to manually input or print one by one in the NAVHDA fillable pdf form version.  This is useful for chapters who capture test entries and information from handlers online.

What this system does NOT do:

  • Track Test Income/Expenses
  • Track/assign Test Day Volunteer/Equipment needs
  • Offer an option to print data directly to scorecards. I tried but found the top margins on the NAVHDA scorecards are not  the same between the NA cards and the UPT-UT cards, which causes inconsistent alignment.

Test Secretary Software is Copyright © 2023 [Pete Aplikowski]. All Rights Reserved

To obtain the software files, please complete and submit the following form:

Request form for Test Secretary Software

Types of Tests:

"Single" Test means one judging team per day

"Double" Test means two judging teams per day