Minnesota NAVHDA Test Policies

A handler may enter and run a maximum of two dogs per testing day.  This policy is in effect up to 10 days prior to the test date. At that time the handler may enter and run any number of dogs, subject to availability of test openings.

Test Entries will open Feb 15th to Handlers who are verified chapter members.     Entries will open to non-chapter members starting March 1st.  An entry is not official until the test secretary verifies all dog and owner/handler information required by NAVHDA has been provided and full payment has been received.

NAVHDA International Test Policies

Dogs are eligible for Natural Ability testing up to and including the day they reach 16 months of age.  Dogs over 16 months may be run for evaluation only (No Prize can be awarded) and only if space is available.  There is no minimum or maximum age limit on Utility Preparatory or Utility Dogs.

All dogs entered in NAVHDA tests must be NAVHDA registered and you will need to know your dog’s Registered NAVHDA name, NAVHDA registration number and whelp date.  These can be found on your dog’s pedigree, or you can look it up online at the NAVHDA registry.

Both the Owner AND Handler of the dog must be NAVHDA International members and you will need to know their  NAVHDA membership number(s).  Look up NAVHDA Membership Numbers here.  Not a member of NAVHDA International?    Join here.

2023 Test Dates

NOT OPEN FOR ENTRIES YET   Please have all Owner and Handler membership numbers current and dog registration information ready.   All entries will be inputted online.  Click on each individual test link below for full details and Test Entry information.  

Tentative 2023 Test Dates

  • May 13-14 Natural Ability- Four Brooks WMA-Milaca, MN
  • June 3-4 Utility Preparatory & Utility-Kelley Farms-Hugo, MN
  • July 22-23 Natural Ability- Four Brooks WMA-Milaca, MN
  • Aug 19-20 NA-UPT-UT-Virginia, MN
  • Aug 26-27 Utility Preparatory & Utility- Four Brooks WMA-Milaca, MN
  • September 9-10 Natural Ability- Four Brooks WMA-Milaca, MN

Minnesota NAVHDA Test Refund Policy

NAVHDA Youth Testing Incentive Program  (75% test fee refund for youth Handlers 18 and under)

The latest Test Entry Forms, AIMS Test Rules and more info can be found at Navhda Forms Express