Our Chapter is 100% driven by volunteers.    Nothing we do can take place without the help of our members.   We encourage all members to do their part and volunteer at our many different events.  We are always in need of people to do the following jobs, and more:

  • Test Secretaries (Process test entries and communicate with handlers).
  • Test Coordinators (Secure volunteers and organize equipment, grounds and people on test days).
  • Birds.  Sourcing and Caring for them.
  • Volunteer at Tests, Mock Tests, Clinics, Training Days & Other Events.
    • Give Judges rides to/from airport.
    • Plant birds.
    • Coordinate Lunches.
    • Field Marshall (sequencing dogs & handlers)
    • Provide general help with grounds, equipment and people.

No experience is necessary.  We have mentors who will help train you.

Please contact our Test & Clinic Coordinators for dates we need help with.