Bill & Barb Jensen were primary founding members of the Minnesota Chapter of Navhda.  You can read more about that in this article in the VHD magazine from May 2019.

Bill judged at the first NAVHDA test in the US in April 1971, and retired from judging in 2010 with the following totals:

  • 241 Total Testing Days
  • 1171 Natural Ability Dogs Judged
  • 60 Utility Preparatory Dogs Judged
  • 376 Utility Dogs Judged
  • 588 Invitational Dogs Judged
  • 2196 Total Dogs Judged

The Minnesota Chapter usually leads the entire NAVHDA system each year in the numbers of testing days held.  Each test requires 3 judges.

In early 2020, the Minnesota Chapter Board of Directors approved the formation of the Bill Jensen Apprentice Judge Scholarship Fund to assist chapter members with offsetting the expenses of becoming a NAVHDA Judge.  This can be looked at as an investment in local human resources.  NAVHDA requires us to use judges from around the country, but having more local judges available can really help keep test expenses down for the chapter.

Apprentice Judges are required to cover all of their own expenses for traveling to and from tests and oftentimes their own lodging and meals while doing so.    They are also required to travel out of their home region.  

Once approved as a NAVHDA judge,  approved participants can apply for up to $1000.00 in expense reimbursement for their out of pocket expenses while in the Apprentice Judge program.  For full program details, please contact