This is a NEW class for Minnesota NAVHDA, designed to assist members with learning concepts needed to help them advance their dog toward becoming a “finished” gun dog and/or preparing for the Utility Preparatory or Utility Tests.

Limited to 16 people  (Four groups of Four people.)

(Open to Chapter Members ONLY with recognized NAVHDA breeds)

Groups will meet approximately once per month for 4 months on a rotating schedule.  Days and times will be determined once groups are formed. 

Location:  Ham Lake, MN

Course Cost:  $40.00 (donation to chapter)

You may also need to purchase other training equipment (leashes, collars, dummies) depending on what you have, as well as build a training table if you do not have one.

Demonstrations will be given on drills & techniques that handlers can work on with their own dogs on their own time in between group meetings.  Handlers MUST be committed to working with their dog on their own in between group meetings.  We will NOT train your dog for you.

Ideal candidates will be dogs over 18 months of age or dogs past their NA test.   It is important that dogs have had a good amount of hunting and exposure to wild birds before entering this program.

Areas covered will be:

  • Heeling
  • WHOA training
  • Retrieve training concepts using primarily  “Hold & Carry” drills/exercises.  (this is NOT a complete trained retrieve or force fetch program, but you will learn concepts to build the foundation for those.)
  • UPT & UT test concepts and AIMS Rules for those looking to test.

Want to find out more or if this class is suited for you and your dog?  Fill out this form and the class instructor will follow up with you to answer any questions and complete your registration.


Versatile Dog 201

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