Hello chapter members,

We are heavy into our training and testing season, and we hope that all of you are having fun with your dogs in your pursuits this summer.

We also have just a handful of tickets remaining for our 2022 Raffle fundraiser for the Upland Gun Company’s custom fitted shotgun.   If you would like a ticket, please contact Sam Snyder at:  sam.snyder@mnnavhda.org.  We will hold the drawing as soon as all tickets are sold.


We have just about a month left of training, and we have four weekends left of testing.  We are still looking for volunteers for these tests.  See chart on our website here.  If you can help, contact the Test Coordinators in the very right column.


Also looking ahead, our Bylaws require that the membership be notified this time of year about upcoming board position openings and terms.

Article VI: Nominations, Elections, Voting Section 1: On or about August 1st of each year, but not later than August 15th, the Secretary will announce to the membership that nominations for expiring board positions are open. This communication shall include a list of all current Board Members and the expiring dates of all terms. Section 2: Nominations will be accepted by the Secretary from the Membership until August 31st. Members may nominate themselves. Members who are not nominating themselves must agree to accept the nomination which is to be verified by the Secretary.

Here is the current Board of Directors, Position held, term expiration, and their intent.

  • Pete Aplikowski-President.  Expires October 2023
  • Brent Haefner- Treasurer. Expires October 2023
  • Mitch Carlson-Director of Training. Expires October 2023
  • Sam Snyder-Vice President. Expires October 2022-nominated self for a new term.
  • Andrew Blonski-Secretary. Expires October 2022-nominated self for a new term
  • Sean Ewaldt-Director Testing. Expires October 2022-nominated self for a new term

So, there are three board position terms that will end in October, and there are three nominees for the positions.  Nominations from the general membership for the board are now open until August 31st.   If there are more nominees than open positions (three), there will be an election.  If you would like to nominate yourself, or someone else, please send an email to secretary@mnnavhda.org.