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This event finished on 19 August 2019

Positive Reinforcement Training Night

Kelley Farms

Mondays, starting April 15th at 5:00 PM until DARK.

This training night will use alternative method of training using Positive Reinforcement methods.  No ecollars will be used during training.  Pups as young as 10 weeks old are welcome.  We will work as a group to train all aspects of the NAVDHA NA through UT, depending on the needs of the dog/owner.  This will include bird and gun introduction, retrieving, steadiness, tracking, marked retrieve and duck search.  The group size will be limited to 10, with preference given to younger dogs or those wishing to test in 2019.  It is recommended people stop out on April 11th for the “Intro to Training at Kelley Farms”, to buy a training pass ($350/year) and learn the training night rules.

For more information, contact Bob Brearey at:


cell – 651-491-2039