For those of you who head out west in the early season, it’s time to start thinking about getting your dogs protected with the rattlesnake vaccine. On Point Veterinary Services is again this year offering this service to Minnesota NAVHDA members. If your dog was vaccinated last year they would just need a booster this … Continue reading “August 8th-Rattlesnake Vaccine Opportunity from On Point Veterinary-Four Brooks 6-8pm”

OPEN training day for all members and prospective members.    Work with your puppy on exposure to fields, birds, water, gun or your older dog on obedience, retrieving, duck search. We will have several stations set up for field and water work.  Birds will be available for sale.   Pigeons, Chukar, Ducks. (limited on pheasant). East … Continue reading “August 10th Training Day-Kelley Farms (east side)”