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This event finished on 12 March 2020


This is a weekly class that covers socializing, heel, recall (here), whoa, down and many other aspects of dog training. Focus is on turning your dog into a good citizen, you into a better handler, and preparing both of you for serious field work in the spring.

This class is also a GREAT tune up for older dogs over the winter and a wonderful way to brush up on the basics that your dog may need a little work on. For those interested, there will be an introduction to e-collars at the 4th week of class, dogs must be of qualified age, maturity, and temperament to participate!

These classes will NOT prepare you for the AKC Obedience ring.

Dogs of any age may be entered, but pups under six months of age and handlers under sixteen years of age must be pre-approved by the instructor.

This class will be limited in the number of entries so please get your registration in early

All dogs must have proof of current rabies vaccinations to be presented with your application.

Questions:  Contact class leader Mark Jacobs 651-260-8600