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This event finished on 06 June 2021


email:pete.aplikowski@mnnavhda.org to be put on waiting list

To attend this Event, you MUST have handled a dog in a NAVHDA UPT or UT test.  Scroll down and please fill out form if interested.

The Minnesota Chapter has arranged with NAVHDA International to hold this unique 2 Day Clinic and Informational Event at Kelley Land & Cattle Company in Hugo/Marine on St Croix, MN.

Clinic Leader will be NAVHDA Senior Judge Clyde Vetter

Attendees will learn about the NAVHDA Invitational Test Segments and Scoring system, and will observe dogs being run in the different segments and engage in discussions about potential scoring.  Training concepts will also be discussed.

You may or may not get to work with your own dog, depending on your dog’s level of training and clinic needs.   *UPDATE 6/1:  Due to weather forecast, it is recommended you NOT bring your dog**   If you bring your dog, please be prepared to keep it kenneled in your vehicle or staked out at your vehicle away from the clinic area.  Pay attention to the weather.

  • $175 .00 for Minnesota Chapter members
  • $200.00  for NON-Chapter members (open after Feb 1st)


Due to Relaxed CV-19 Protocols, for Lunch both days we WILL now be providing individually wrapped and prepared Jimmy John’s sandwiches, chips and bottled water/soft drinks from a shared community cooler.   If you are not comfortable with that, please bring your own.

Prepare by reading NAVHDA Aims, Programs and Test Rules book  as it pertains to the Invitational Test.

  • What to Bring:
    • all-weather gear.
    • an article of blaze orange clothing
    • field boots/shoes. Rubber “muck” boots are useful.
    • folding “camp” chair
    • clipboard, notebook and pen.
  • YOUTH (18 and under) Handlers can apply for the Kristin Rieser Scholarship Fund to cover the base clinic entry fee.

Questions?  Contact Pete Aplikowski at pete.aplikowski@mnnavhda.org

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to complete your registration and online payment.

Minnesota NAVHDA test refund policies will apply to this event.

Minnesota NAVHDA Invitational Clinic Questionnaire

If you do not know them, you can go to NAVHDA.ORG and lookup your membership # and your dog's registration #.