Event Details


This  Event is open to all chapter members interested in learning more about the Natural Ability Test and learning some techniques for exposing your dog properly to birds, fields, water, gunfire.

The different test segments will be explained and you will have the opportunity to expose your dog to birds in the field, on a track, and have your dog exposed to swimming and water in a test type setting with  a gallery and simulated judging team.

Cost is $30 and will be paid at the Event.**You DO NOT need the annual Kelley Farms Grounds Pass.  There is no charge for members who already have the annual pass.

Birds are extra:  Chukar $9, Pheasants (if available) will be $12.  Pigeons $7

2 sessions are planned.  After we get all registrations we will assign people into groups and sessions.

  • 8:00am to appx 5:00pm    (registration starts at 7:00am.)

You will also get to meet other members and chat about forming your own training groups for the summer.

Questions?  Contact