Event Details

This event finished on 16 August 2018

Cost-$25 Season Pass to Four Brooks-passes can be obtained from:

Grounds & Training Coordinator:  Jeff Pleskac  hhfarmsmn@gmail.com

The Four Brooks Training Group will begin on May 3rd this year.  We will train every Thursday night until August 16.  We are a mix of beginner to veteran dog trainers, with a few judges sprinkled in for some wisdom.  We are a lighthearted group that has a genuine interest in helping each other train their dog for hunting, testing and companionship.  We make use of the large open fields and the ponds at Four Brooks WMA as well as an occasional field trip to Autumn Breeze Kennels.

Blaze Orange is required, hearing and eye protection is suggested but not required.  Bring a long your training gear, e collars, pinch collars, lead ropes, leashes, etc… as well as some water for you and your dogs.  The club has provided some launchers and a bird bag for us to use but extras are always a plus. A training pass is required to use the faculties and can be acquired from Mark Jacobs for $25.

For 2018 we will have quail most of the training season for $7.50 a bird.  Please make checks out to MN NAVHDA or try to bring exact change, there is not an ATM on site.  I try to send out an email reminder for bird orders during the week but sometimes I forget, just email me at hhfarmsmn@gmail.com and we will get some birds out there for you.  I am working on getting a steady source of pigeons and I will update if that status changes.  As always, Oakwood Gamebirds is just south of Princeton and may have a different selection of birds.

I hope to see you out at Four Brooks on Thursday nights.  We meet up in the parking area on the north side of the field from 5:00 pm until we are out of daylight or dogs.