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This event finished on 19 July 2018

Mike Busse and I will kick-off the 2018 Major Ave training season on April 19th 2018.  This year training runs, every Thursday night, from April 19th to July 19th.  Facilities for both field work and water work are available at Major Ave.  Mike and I will look to our returning veteran trainers/handlers to pitch in this year so that we can handle the increased interest in Major Ave training and offer support to new trainers/handlers for field and water work.

Training each Thursday begins at 5:30 pm sharp or later.  Major Ave has historically stipulated that MN-NAVHDA training leaders (Mike or Rolf or myself) need to be on-site before additional trainers/handlers.  Due to work schedules, Mike, Rolf, and I cannot always guarantee that we will be on-site until 5:30 pm. Should you arrive prior to 5:30, we ask that you refrain from driving down to the training grounds prior to that time.  Training at Major Ave ends each Thursday at sunset.

Basic training tools typically used for field and water work include a blaze orange hat and vest (these are required for MN-NAVHDA training), check cord, pinch collar, and bumpers.  Hearing and eye protection is also encouraged when shooting or around shooting. More advanced training can leverage additional equipment such as an e-collar, bird launchers, and backing silhouettes.

The annual training fee, for Major Ave, remains unchanged at $80.  I’m pleased to announce that bird fees have remained unchanged from 2017 at $7.50/bird.  Bird reservations will again be taken the night of training for the following week or by email, the email deadline is 10 pm on Tuesday each week.  I would also like to remind everyone that you need to be a member of both MN-NAVHDA, and NAVHDA International to train with MN-NAVHDA.

I will send out an email to 2017 Major Ave trainers/handlers in the January timeframe, however, if you didn’t train with us last year please contact me through email if you are interested in training at Major Ave in 2018.

We look forward to seeing everyone back out at Major Ave this season.

Brian Karr      mnpheasant@gmail.com      612-306-3744