Hello chapter members, the Chapter Bylaws require the current Board of Directors to notify the membership by August 15th of each year of the status of the  board members and their terms.  Your current Board of Directors, their current boards position and their term expirations are as follows:

  • Pete Aplikowski-President (October 2021)
  • Brent Haefner-Treasurer (October 2021)
  • Mitch Carlson-Director of Training (October 2021)
  • Sam Snyder-Vice President (October 2022)
  • Peter Ness-Secretary (October 2022)
  • Sean Ewaldt-Director Testing (October 2022)

Nominations will be accepted by the Secretary from the Membership until August 31st.   Members may nominate themselves. Members who are not nominating themselves must  agree to accept the nomination which is to be verified by the Secretary.

If there are more nominations than open seats, there will be an election.  Please reference the Bylaws Article IV for more information.  Please also reference the Bylaws for a description of each Board Position and duties.

The three individuals with expiring terms (Pete Aplikowski, Brent Haefner and Mitch Carlson) have all been nominated for another 2 year term.

Send any nominations to:   secretary@mnnavhda.org