WE need YOUR help as a volunteer to run the upcoming NAVHDA tests this Labor Day weekend.  We will be running two tests each day, and each test will have both NA and UT/UPT dogs testing, so we need more volunteers than we have needed in the past. Volunteering is the only way we get things done, and all members should partake and share the load. Plus it is fun to see our hunting companions do what they do best! 

Click this link below to help out.

Volunteer form (link)

      • If you are testing, volunteer on a day that you’re not testing (since you’ll be around).
      • If you are new to the chapter, volunteering is the best way to get to know what the tests are all about and understand how much dedication each of our members give to their dogs and this Chapter.
      • If you are a returning volunteer, thank you. It is through your dedication that we can help our Chapter continue to grow and produce amazing tested versatile dogs.

If you want to know more about the types of test volunteer opportunities are available , there are descriptions of the volunteer positions on the NAVHDA Website:


Test volunteers are normally expected to be at the testing grounds by 6:30 a.m. on the days they are volunteering, though that time could change in the week leading up to the test if weather is expected to be extremely hot.

If you would like to volunteer to gun in the UT/UPT fields, please know, we have a process for selecting gunners that are experienced and qualified.  Gunners will be approved by chapter leadership.

Thank you in advance for completing the volunteer form as it will save me many phone calls and time in carrying out my responsibilities as Test Chair.  Thank you for supporting the MN Chapter by volunteering.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Anthony (Tony) Hennen

Test Chair


Cell: 218-838-3696