Fill out and submit the online form below. We do NOT need you to fill out a NAVHDA test entry form.

No entry is official until the Test Secretary receives and confirms with you both your completed entry AND payment confirmation.
If you are entering MORE than one dog, simply complete this form and payment process for each dog.
You will be contacted with your actual test running date as the test dates are approaching. Forms submitted after the test is full will be considered for a waiting list if test slots open up.

Refer all questions and communication to the Test Secretary.



Friday June 2nd, 2023

Saturday June 3rd 2023

Sunday June 4th, 2023

Kelley Farms-Hugo, MN

Owner and Handler Membership numbers are listed on the mailing label of your VHD magazine, or can be looked up in the membership directory at

**Your full, correct registered dog name is what is on your NAVHDA Pedigree. Your dog registration number will start with 2 letters, like GS-214xx for a German Shorthair or PP-45xx for a Pudelpointer. It is NOT your personal NAVHDA membership number. These are on your pedigree, or can be looked up online in the NAVHDA registry at

If applicable you can attach/upload hip results at end of this form