With the ongoing  COVID-19 Situation and the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, we decided as a chapter that we could not hold any organized training, although some chapter members were getting together in small private groups on their own, which we supported by taking some limited bird deliveries and helping coordinate the acquisition of grounds passes at Four Brooks and Kelley Farms.

At our Chapter Board meeting this week, it was decided that with Governor Walz’s relaxing of the Stay Home Order, we can begin some organized  events and small group training, in groups up to 10 people, using common sense social distancing guidelines.  We did previously conduct an online training survey to try to help sort people into groups, and we thank all of you who completed that.  With the training season and testing season delayed, we know many people may have changed their plans and goals, so we are pretty much tossing that data out, and are starting over.

To get things rolling and to help members formulate a plan for their training this summer, we are going to hold 2 full weekend  “OPEN” Training Events at Kelley Farms on June 6th & 7th, and June 20th & 21st.  These will be open to all chapter members, and you will NOT need the annual $375 Kelley Farms pass.    The Saturday sessions will focus on NATURAL ABILITY EXPOSURE, and the Sunday sessions will focus on UTILITY PREPARATORY & UTILITY TRAINING.  In addition to exposure and training techniques, there will be discussion about testing standards, NAVHDA AIMS rules & principles and scorecards.  Pre-registration  for these sessions is required and space may be limited.  Cost will be $30 per session.  Birds are extra.  If these events get crowded, main group preference may be given for those chapter members who are TESTING in 2020.  There will be more availability and flexibility for those members who just want to buy birds and train on their own or form their own small groups, and we highly  encourage that.   Cost will be $30 per day, and pre-registration is required so we can get an idea on attendance.  (For members who already have a Kelley Farms annual pass, there will be no daily fee.)

More details and online registration for these Events here:

In addition to these events, we do want to start the formation of small weekly training groups, we will be sorting people into groups based on age of dogs and your training and testing goals.    We are also looking for several more people to LEAD some training groups.  If you are willing to help lead or co-lead a group, please let us know.


To get in a weekly group for young dogs of  Natural Ability age (roughly 16 months and under) , please send an email to  our Director of Training Mitch Carlson at Mitch.Carlson@mnnavhda.org  Please include your full name,  mobile phone number, and age and breed of your dog.

To get in a  weekly training group for UPT or UT advanced training, please send an email to Pete.Aplikowski@mnnavhda.org.  Please include your full name, mobile phone number, and age and breed of your dog, and if you are entered in a NAVHDA test in 2020.


To get in a weekly training group, please send an email to Jeff Pleskac at MN.navhda.fourbrooks@gmail.com.  Please include your full name, mobile phone number, and age and breed of your dog.   To obtain a Four Brooks annual pass, send a check for $25 made out to MFFTC and  a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

  • Jeff Pleskac
  • 9610 175th St NE
  • Foley, MN 56329

Thanks everyone for your patience during these unprecedented times.  We look forward to seeing you and your dogs and getting our training and testing season underway!

Pete Aplikowski-MN NAVHDA President.