Event Details


This Event is for chapter members who are training for and testing for NAVHDA Utility Preparatory or Utility Tests.

The different test segments will be demonstrated and explained  and training techniques will be shared.   You will get to work with your dog some, but the focus of the day will be more on learning about the test & training techniques rather than training your dog.   We want to give you help in formulating a training plan and techniques of what you can work on regularly on your own or in your own small groups.

You may also break away from the clinic group and work on your own at any time.

Cost is $30 and will be paid at the Event.**You DO NOT need the annual Kelley Farms Grounds Pass.  There is no charge for members who already have the annual pass.

Birds are extra:  Chukar $9. Pigeons $7.  Ducks $15.

You will also get to meet other members and chat about forming your own training groups for the summer.

Questions?  Contact