For your reading pleasure…we received the following notice from NAVHDA International with a request to share with our members.  Read, and then it’s time to go hunting!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of the Executive Council of NAVHDA (the “International”), I wish to remind all local chapters of the following:

  1. The International does not get involved in internal local chapter matters including, but not limited to, disputes among local chapter members;
  2. The International expects that all local chapter activities and operations will be conducted at all time in compliance with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, all state, local and federal game laws and laws related to the possession and use of firearms;
  3. All local members must be members of the International. To the extent that your local chapter organizational documents provide that membership in the International is not required or is optional, you must amend such documents accordingly;
  4. Once a local chapter test become public through announcement on the International website and/or in the VHD magazine, it is open to all International members in good standing. A local chapter must not refuse admission to a test so long as applicant complies with the local application process in a timely manner and the test is not full at the time the completed application is submitted;
  5. All intellectual property of the International, including, but not limited to, its name and the NAVHDA abbreviation as well as its service marks, trademarks and logs remain the exclusive property of the International and may be used by local chapters only as expressly authorized by the International from time to time; and
  6. Any local chapter that causes harm to the International’s reputation or fails to operate in conformity with all applicable International rules and regulations may have its charter revoke by the International at any time.

Please pass this message on to your members.