UPDATE 6/22/22-Committe is dissolved. 

At the NAVHDA International meeting this winter, it was announced that NAVHDA International membership has now surpassed 10,000 members.    Along with that, was the fact that growth in new chapters is falling short of being able to support adequate testing & training opportunities for members.

Minnesota NAVHDA has also grown significantly recently, and by the end of each season has had well over 300 paid members the last several years, with about 50 member-families in the northern part of the state.  (Roughly from an east-west line north of Mille Lacs Lake.)

Across North America, suitable grounds for training and testing dogs are always in short supply, especially for Utility Level Tests.    Northern Minnesota members are very fortunate that there are TWO proven grounds to hold quality NAVHDA tests.  The Iron Range Retriever Club and Pineridge Grouse Camp.

Minnesota NAVHDA is forming a committee to discuss the logistics of forming new chapters for the 2023 training & testing season (next year) in the northern part of the state, centered around these two sets of proven training & testing grounds.    The primary goal of this committee will be to identify ways to better serve all NAVHDA International members in the state, and offer more focused local involvement and participation to those members.

Any new chapters would NOT be affiliated with Minnesota NAVHDA, and could set their own dues, policies, bird sources, training programs and sponsor their own NAVHDA tests.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please fill out and submit the form below.    This committee will meet via virtual teleconference several times throughout 2022, starting in May.