While we have not started chapter organized group training due to the stay at home order, some members are getting together on their own in small groups, so we have started to take some birds to the pens at Kelley Farms.

This Wednesday April 22nd we will be selling birds from 5-7 pm at Kelley to chapter members.  Full info is here:

For those interested in obtaining a 2020 Kelley Farms pass, Steve Grogan will be available.  Those are $375.00, payable by check to Kelley Land & Castle Company

We are continuing to monitor Governor Walz’s slowly relaxing stay at home order and hope that if things keep trending in the right direction, that we can organize more training groups soon.

With the delay in all NAVHDA testing this year, for those of you running a  dog in an NA test, there is really no hurry.   For those of you training for UPT or UT this year, you should STRONGLY consider coming to buy some of these birds to solidify your retrieving work before hitting the field or water.  Your retrieving is never as good as you think it is, especially on fresh or live birds.  this would be money well spent doing some hold & carry work with birds at home.