Saturday July 21st marked the 2nd ever Mock UT test done by Minnesota NAVHDA.  Although this training was for handlers running dogs in UT this year who want to see where their dogs are in preparing for the test, more importantly it was to prepare new handlers who have never run a dog in a Utility Test for what they can expect from the judges and how the judging sequences will go.

Each handler ran their dog through each portion of the test.  There was no scoring and some areas were abbreviated, but all were coached by NAVHDA Judges and Apprentice Judges in best ways to handle their dog in the test, how to prepare their dogs for the test, and see what areas needed more work.

What seemed the most remarkable to me was the volunteers who came to make the training possible.  11 handlers were there to run their dogs, 21 people were needed to make it all happen!  How do you like that?  Nearly 2 volunteers for every 1 handler; all that plus folks working beforehand to make it happen, and handlers themselves helping out.

Our chapter member volunteers are the real heroes of this story.  If you haven’t yet helped out at an event, please come and pitch in for our fall test at Kelley Farms, August 31st – September 2nd.  We’ll show you what to do and you’ll have fun doing it.  Not a bad way to spend a day watching well trained dogs work!

Contact Larry MacDonald,, 612-209-6105, and let him know you’d like to lend a hand.  I know he’ll appreciate it.

And those volunteers?  How about the Aplikowski family – Pete, Kathleen, and Ethan.  Plus Terry Petro, Lynn Erickson, Ted Wentink, Mitch Lindberg, David Hahn, Rory Revere, Chris Buller, Bryce Adams, Bob Roiger, Bryan Thomas, Ryan McClellan, Nathan Freshour, Matt Johnson, Gema Coleman, Denise Doll-Kiefer, Jake Tillman, Bill Liebnitz, and John Cooper.

Be sure to thank them when you see them.