The Minnesota Chapter of NAVHDA has over 250 members,as well as many other visitors to our website.

Sponsorships are available for $150.00 per calendar year.  Exposure will include:

  • Your logo with a link to your website in 2 places on  Our Sponsors page, and a scrolling logo showcase on our Main homepage layout.
  • Sponsors will be mentioned in chapter mass email NEWS communications, which go out about 12-15 times per year.
  • Sponsors will be mentioned in the remarks at our chapter’s NAVHDA tests and clinics.
  • Periodic  mention of our Sponsors  on our Facebook page. (Over 200+ Page Members)

If you are interested in becoming a Minnesota Chapter Sponsor, please contact,

Sponsor Guidelines

  •  A principal or a board member of the Business or Organization being promoted must be a Chapter member, or be a business/organization the chapter has a direct business relationship with.
  • The primary products and/or services offered by the sponsor and those products and/or services being promoted by the chapter should align with the chapter mission statement.  The following types of businesses/organizations shall be excluded:
    • Professional Trainers-Minnesota NAVHDA Training philosophy is geared toward helping members train their own dogs in accordance with the AIMS PROGRAMS TEST RULES.
    • Breeders/Kennels-Minnesota NAVHDA shall remain neutral on promoting any particular breed.
  • There should not be any overlap or conflict of interest of chapter sponsors in regards to their core areas of business concentration.  Caution should also be taken so that no chapter sponsor conflicts with any NAVHDA International sponsor.