We are attempting to make a BIG shift toward smaller, more focused training groups this year.  Groups of people with dogs at similar ages or levels and with similar training and testing goals.   Ideally, before you show up to the first training night with your dog, we want you to have a specific goal and  a PLAN, and we will do our best to place you in the right group and give you the resources needed to execute that plan and achieve your goals in 2020.  To assist us with this, we are asking all members training with us this year to take the 2020 Training Survey

Weekly Training starts in less than two months.  There are a few Events coming up to be aware of to help you get ready for the training season.  The Training pages of this website will continue to be updated and will have the full schedule but below are a few to be aware of:

We have added a lot of content to the Training pages of our website, and invite all members to check those out as well.  There are a lot of good links to articles, podcasts and Youtube videos for you to explore.

Natural Ability & Puppy Exposure

Utility Preparatory & Utility Training

Articles, Videos & Podcasts

**UPT & UT Handlers: We really want to stress to any Handlers that have plans to test in UPT or UT this year that the key to a productive training season will be to make sure your dog is a RELIABLE retriever of game.  For testing,  dead or wounded chukar & ducks MUST be brought back within reach of the handler to pass the test.  Whatever method you use to train your dog to retrieve is up to you (Positive methods, Force Fetch, Conditioned Retrieve, etc…  Call it what you want, but the work you do on this between now and ice-out will set you & your dog up for success.)  If you want professional help with this please check out the two pro-trainers on our Sponsors Page

Blog Post about Feb 8th Force Fetch Clinic

Questions may be directed to Director of Training Mitch Carlson at: Mitch.Carlson@MNNavhda.org