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This event finished on 25 April 2021


Questions?  email pete.aplikowski@mnnavhda.org

OBEDIENCE is a major component of the Utility Preparatory, Utility and Invitational tests in NAVHDA.  Field Steadiness (Steady to Wing, Shot, Fall, & Honoring/Backing) requires a HIGH level of Obedience training. To assist Chapter members with some new ideas for this advanced training, we are bringing in  Kyle Hough from Schwarzwald Kennels in Pennsylvania to hold a 2 Day Steadiness Clinic.


  • Steadiness to Wing , Shot & Fall
  • Transitioning Steadiness Training from the training table to the field
  • E-Collar Conditioning
  • Honoring/Backing

Kyle has been involved in NAVHDA for over 20 years. He serves the Pocono Mountain Chapter as the Director of Training and Director of Testing. Kyle owns Schwarzwald Kennels in Andreas, PA.  Since 2010, he has been training dogs for clients at all levels of testing. Kyle has handled dogs at the Natural Ability, Utility and Invitational Levels as well as AKC Master Hunter. He has been running dogs in the NAVHDA Invitational since 2008 and has handled multiple dogs per year successfully.

Space is limited, and it is ONLY being offered to Minnesota Chapter Members initially.  This is not the type of Event we will hold annually, so even if you and your younger dog are not working toward advanced training and testing this year, you should come and observe these training techniques.  Learning how to efficiently train your dog with these advanced methods will save you time and money (birds) during your dog’s steadiness training.  Consider the cost of the clinic a long-term investment!  No check cords will be used.

**We will be looking for some demonstration dogs, but not every attendee will get a chance to work with their own dog. 

What to Bring:

  • Lunch will NOT be provided.  Please bring your own lunch and beverages.
  • Blaze Orange clothing will be required in the field.
  • Folding Chair
  • Notebook
  • Dog & Handling equipment (leashes, e-collar, water bottles, etc…)

Click Here for ONLINE Registration & Payment.  (Chapter members will need the password they were emailed.)

Entry Fee $100.00 (Non-Refundable unless Clinic is cancelled)

Questions?  email pete.aplikowski@mnnavhda.org