“OPEN” Training & Introductory nights for new members at Kelley Farms-Hugo

We will be holding Introductory nights the 3rd Thursday of each month at Kelley Farms in Hugo starting at 4pm.   These nights are designed to give new people a chance to learn about NAVHDA and get some training & especially puppy exposure without having to commit to purchasing the expensive annual grounds pass.  These nights are NOT for people who are in other weekly small group training, although if experienced chapter members would like to come and help others, that would be welcome and  appreciated. We are trying this approach to try to manage the size of the chapter and keep training group sizes efficient and focused. Please help.   More info is  on our Master Calendar.

Small Training Groups at Kelley Farms:

All people that filled out our small group training survey should have been contacted by their small group leaders/coordinators by now.  If you have not, please send an email to  training@mnnavhda.org.   Some members have formed their own small groups as well without our assistance.  That is great!-Let us know what we can do to support you.


  • We will have the “old red canoe” at the Dike Pond at Kelley as usual.  The hull split last year and was repaired with duct tape.  This could use a better fix.  If anyone has the skills to do a better  repair (like a fiberglass patch) and wants to take on that job, please email president@mnnavhda.org.  In the meantime, have a roll of duct tape with you.
  • We will have the “Carston” boat at the DNR pond again this year.  This boat MUST be moored IN the water when not in use so it does not get trampled by the cattle.  Please do not leave it on shore.  If you find it on shore, put it back in the water when done, please.

NOTE*-Our arrangement with Kelley Land & Cattle Company requires ALL members using the grounds individually or in small groups to have the annual Kelley Farms grounds pass. NO exceptions.  The only time chapter members can be on the grounds without a pass is at a Chapter sponsored event like a big Clinic, Test, or the OPEN Thursday nights outlined above.  These events will be indicated by the orange chapter signs on the roads and grounds.  For info on obtaining a grounds pass, send an email to:  training@mnnavhda.org.


Birds are starting to arrive to the pens at Kelley  this week.  Designated people that are authorized  access to the pens will be contacted separately with the access and payment information.  Bird supplies are going to be limited this year, especially Chukar & Quail in May & June.   We are asking all members to be considerate of others in use of birds, and give preference to those  who may be preparing for the spring tests, especially with the quail.  We likely will not have any Chukar until July.

Training at Four Brooks WMA-Milaca:

Emails have been sent out by the Four Brooks group leaders about training there in 2021.  If you are interested in Four Brooks and have not been contacted, please send an email to mn.navhda.fourbrooks@gmail.com

To train at Four Brooks, you MUST have the annual $25 grounds pass from the Minnesota Federation of Field Trial Clubs (MFFTC).  You can obtain that by sending  a Check for $25 made out to MMFTC and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Tasha Pleskac

Four Brooks Pass

9610 175th St NE

Foley, MN 56329

We could use some volunteers to shuttle some birds periodically from Kelley to the Four Brooks group.  If you can help, send an email to mn.navhda.fourbrooks@gmail.com


We do require all people that train with Minnesota NAVHDA and use our birds & equipment to be members of both NAVHDA International and our Chapter.  Those not renewed by 3/31 were dropped from the roster.  You can check your status on those here:

  • Minnesota Chapter Membership Roster  (as of 4/1/2021).   Chapter Memberships good on an annual basis.   If you are not current, you can Join here.
  • NAVHDA International Memberships can expire at any time during the year  depending on when you first joined.  You can check your status here:  (This site has been running slow lately).    Member Roster – NAVHDA

Please also review our Minnesota NAVHDA  Participation Rules,  Etiquette & Safety Policy

Good luck to everyone and your dogs this training season!

Mitch Carlson

Director of Training



We are attempting to make a BIG shift toward smaller, more focused training groups this year.  Groups of people with dogs at similar ages or levels and with similar training and testing goals.   Ideally, before you show up to the first training night with your dog, we want you to have a specific goal and  a PLAN, and we will do our best to place you in the right group and give you the resources needed to execute that plan and achieve your goals in 2020.  To assist us with this, we are asking all members training with us this year to take the 2020 Training Survey

Weekly Training starts in less than two months.  There are a few Events coming up to be aware of to help you get ready for the training season.  The Training pages of this website will continue to be updated and will have the full schedule but below are a few to be aware of:

We have added a lot of content to the Training pages of our website, and invite all members to check those out as well.  There are a lot of good links to articles, podcasts and Youtube videos for you to explore.

Natural Ability & Puppy Exposure

Utility Preparatory & Utility Training

Articles, Videos & Podcasts

**UPT & UT Handlers: We really want to stress to any Handlers that have plans to test in UPT or UT this year that the key to a productive training season will be to make sure your dog is a RELIABLE retriever of game.  For testing,  dead or wounded chukar & ducks MUST be brought back within reach of the handler to pass the test.  Whatever method you use to train your dog to retrieve is up to you (Positive methods, Force Fetch, Conditioned Retrieve, etc…  Call it what you want, but the work you do on this between now and ice-out will set you & your dog up for success.)  If you want professional help with this please check out the two pro-trainers on our Sponsors Page

Blog Post about Feb 8th Force Fetch Clinic

Questions may be directed to Director of Training Mitch Carlson at: Mitch.Carlson@MNNavhda.org